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Whether you’re looking for a different experience, new places to explore , a party boat or just an special occasion

we’ve you covered in and out of Orlando, with the best boats, captains, and prices,!

At OBR we’re all about having a safe and fun time on the water. So let us know what you want to get out of your time and we’ll do everything we can to help you make it happen.

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While you are in the Orlando Florida area, and are interested in the majestic waters, you should look into Orlando boat lake tours. 15 minutes from Orlando’s major tourist attractions is Kissimmee Florida.


Orlando Boat Tours
Orlando Boat Tours

Kissimmee offers many different lake boat tours available to you, your friends, and family. You can enjoy your water adventures in many different types of boats, such as yachts, pontoons, or standard boats.

Depending on what you are planning, partying is done more on a yacht. Family time and small friend gatherings usually are done on pontoons or standard boats.


Popular Tours In Orlando FL

Kissimmee Florida offers tours daily and you and your loved ones can sail the 40 mile tour from Lake Apopka to Lake Eustis, and back. Enjoy the water and sights with your family.

You can enjoy the warm air and beautiful wildlife and scenery from different sites you and your family see. Take lots of pictures, and enjoy yourself out in the waters.

You will have a sense of security on the tour knowing a professional is securely driving you and your loved ones deep into the waters. Someone navigating you and your loved ones to sea. Enjoy and mediate in the warm breeze that flows over the waters.

The boat tour guide will escort your several different area of the lake, where you can view certain attractions and views you can not see from land. Remember to bring your good camera, and snap as many memory filled photos as possible.

There will be experiences that you will want to capture in the moment. Pictures of family and friend enjoying themselves. Pictures of the blue waves smashing near you, or on the bay. Wildlife, that you rarely get to see from land. All moments, on your boat tour will be a moment to remember.


Have Fun With A Boat Tour In Orlando Florida

No matter what boat you choose from, you, your family and friends will have a blast. You and your companions should gather and talk and see what best fits your travel group and see what plans you have for your boating experience.

If you would like to rent a lavish luxury goddess like a yacht, that has all the bells and whistles available for you and your loved ones, Orlando is the place to be. Check out their lavished yacht rentals.

If you, your family and friends would rather take it slow and more steady, pontoon boats or smaller standard boats are available to rent as well. Pontoons are fun and family oriented vessels that have all the amenities needed to enjoy yourself and make memories.


Experience Guide And Captain For Your Boat Tours Around Orlando Lakes

Best thing about these rental goddesses are, you are the Captain of your own vessel. It gives you a sense of freedom, and adrenaline all at the same time. You will love to conquer your own vessel. If you can’t rent, you can always choose to do a tour on one of these boats.

A person will drive you out to the sea in the beautiful sunrise or beautiful sunset, or even in the day time, depends on what time your tour is. Some tours last 4 hours and cost per person. Either way figure out what is best for your party.

When making a decision, it may be difficult, all boats will allow you to enjoy the sun, waters and views, some or just more family friendly. All boats have life jackets and all safety measures needed in case of an emergency.

Come on down to Orlando Florida and soak up some sun, have some fun, and make some amazing unforgettable memories. Where there’s scenery nature views that you can’t see anywhere else. Regardless of your choice, you will have never before experiences, full of adrenaline and the rush of freedom and and lavish moments of courage.

You will feel like a true warrior, while your either manning your own rented vessel, or on a boat tour. The water has a way of turning all your fears into irrelevant past factors. Live in the moment, do what makes you happen.

Walk through the sand barefoot, put your hair down and come enjoy the waters in Orlando.

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